Benefits of Using Decentralized Exchanges

09 Oct

Anyone purchasing cryptocurrency will always end up requiring to utilize an exchange. Cryptocurrencies have increased in fame over the recent years hence making many trading platforms to crop up to serve the increasing number of crypto users. Over the years, crypto exchanges users have faced steady issues with exchanges such as irresponsible possessors, hacks, and lost funds. Issues like those have made the fame of decentralized exchanges to go up. REXs offer many benefits compared to the conventional centralized exchange. click here to learn more about the benefits of decentralized exchanges.

DEX does not take custody of the money. Even though the core mechanisms of a DEX can differ, in general, there’s an order alike protocol, and funds are conveyed between individual wallets utilizing smart contracts to perform trades automatically. DEXs are usually developed as a decentralized app on a certain blockchain platform, which decides the tokens to be traded on it. For instance, the Binance is built up on the Binance blockchain. This implies that users transact utilizing the Binance token as the base exchange and only tokens that are based on the Binanceblockchain can be bought and sold. Reasons are explaining why decentralized crypto exchange should be used.

Security is the first pro. Centralized exchanged hold huge amounts of money from investors, causing them to be a major target for hackers. With the trading volume of cryptocurrencies going up each day, centralized exchanges are attracting hackers more and more. Inversely, decentralized exchanges are becoming common and more user-friendly hence offering enhanced security for investors.

Control over your funds is the other benefit. As opposed to decentralized exchanges, in centralized exchanges, users don’t have entire control over their finances. This can impose several constraints and monetary losses on investors. The non-custodian feature of DEXs implies that money is under the control of users and co central authorities can solidify or deny you access to it. In case the exchange goes down, your finances will not be affected since you have retained ownership of them. Get more details about decentralized exchanges at

Privacy is another vital benefit. Central exchanges are classified as MSP in most jurisdictions, implying that clients are needed to undergo obligatory anti-money laundering and know-your-customer checks. However, in many instances, people are unwilling to avail their private info to third parties since they don’t have control over what will happen to their date and to which authorities get insight. Inversely, DEXs are not under any central control. Thus, there are usually no registration needs for utilizing the exchange besides having a wallet address. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:

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